Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Canon EOS 1000D Review : Timings & File Sizes

Overall performance (with the exception of burst shooting) is very similar to the EOS 450D, thanks no doubt to the DIGIC III processor shared by both models. There are a few areas where it comes up slightly slower, but generally there's little to complain about and the camera feels snappy and responsive in use.
Continuous shooting in JPEG is an acceptable 3.0 frames per second (with no limit to the number of frames per burst). RAW continuous shooting on the other hand is decidedly lackluster both in terms of speed (1.5 fps) and buffer size (if you've got a very fast card you might get six shots, but with any 'normal' SD card it's half that). Whether or not this is a simple case of Canon crippling the  Canon EOS 1000D to put some 'clear blue water' between it and the next model up, there's no doubt that this really isn't a camera for anyone with a need or desire for continuous RAW shooting.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Canon EOS 1000D Review : Canon Rebel XS / Canon EOS 1000D simply a beautiful experience

I have several weeks examining the Canon EOS 1000D vs many opponents zooms 10 MP, I stopped the ultra cons, I like the comfort of the video and I wanted, but had too many good things with this camera and I decided it. I bought the Canon Rebel XS  and after several days of dirt test this camera, I thought it was a great experience.

Now I am a professional cameraman from a television station in Trinidad & Tobago, my goal for this unit was the need for heat live camera, which is impressive in low light and still using capture photography beautiful portrait of my site and for large prints. I did not want to shell out about $ 1000. United States to a camera body.


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